Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year, New Action List

I am not one for doing New Years Resolutions, I feel they are crap and a waste of time.  What I do try to do is change small things in my life by making a list and posting it somewhere I will see it every day.  Last year I made quite a few goals, and surprisingly, I accomplished a fair majority of them; moreover, they helped me shape what my list would include this year.  Last year some of the big goals that I wanted to complete were: Lose weight [done, dropped 30 lbs], complete the Insanity Workout [done Jan - Mar 60 days of the hardest workouts I have ever done], Eat out less and cook more [done, limit myself to 1-2x a week with a budget of $30] and another big one was to bicycle more [done, around 4000 miles for the year].  All these goals were accomplished through hard work and difficult choices but I did them, they made me stronger, healthier and happier.

So why am I blabbing about this in my cycling blog?  Because I feel it is important to lay the ground work for understanding what I want to accomplish this year.  I have a smaller goal list started this year, but I will add to it as the year moves forward and I come up with useful goals to work on.  For this year one of my big goals is to ride 10,000 km from 1/1/13 - 12/31/13.  This will be a challenge with grad school coming to a finish (board exams, thesis and clinic) but I feel that I can do it. It works out to approximately 6213.7 miles, which is not that many more than I did last year.

Why is this goal important to me and how do I plan on doing it?  Fitness and weight management have become an important part of my life over the last 24 months, and I feel that sticking to attainable goals is important.  6k miles is not that much really, when you figure in commuting, touring and training it should be a snap.  I also plan on doing a second set of goals this year that relate to me completing the first, I plan to do an R-12 and a P-12, both of which are Randonneuring awards accomplished by completing certain rides in an allotted amount of time.  R-12 = 200+km single rides once a month for 12 consecutive months and a P-12 = 100+km single ride once a month for 12 consecutive months.  This should be fun, if you want to learn more go to www.rusa.org and check them out!  

Other goals I want to complete are: lifting weights 3x a week to increase my strength and flexibility, meet up with an old friend once a month, and blog about all my cycling and other experiences on a weekly basis, if not more (we'll see how that one turns out...).  I bought the weight set over my break, I have the phone numbers of friends and have had this blog for almost a year.  As I progress through the year I hope to keep everyone up-to-date on the progress of my goals.  I may even post a before and after photo from last year to this year to show the results of my weight loss.  Until next time...

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