Saturday, June 16, 2012

Finally getting this blog up and running, just in time for my new tour!

The plan for summer break (June 23 - July 15) is to ride the second half of the Sierra Cascades ACA route roughly south of Crater Lake NP to The USA/Mexico border.  Depending on where I end up starting it will work out to 1400 - 1500 miles.  My plan is to camp as much as possible and eat mostly food that I prepare (trying to save some money).  As many of you know for my previous trip The Trans-Am 2010 I am pretty good at the camping and cooking gig, this time I am trying some new menu items and preparation methods for some of the dinner time cooking.

The other difference is that I will have a ride companion meeting up with me about halfway through, to help ease the solidarity and solo boredom that happens on long tours with no one to talk to.  I have know Mary for several years, she is an avid runner, cyclist and overall life enthusiast.  She pack some serious energy but is down to earth and great to hang out with!  She is planning on meeting me somewhere in CA (TBD because it will depend on where I am), with her husband Tim (who is also an awesome guy and probably one of the most supportive partners that I have met...besides my girlfriend), and she will ride with me and Tim will shuttle us back up to San Francisco when we are done.  So that is the trip, I will attempt to update while on the road, but services and internet are going to be spotty at best.

Until I get another chance to update I'll leave you with a photo I took on my training ride 6/15/12
Vista House with my other new companion Donkey...

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  1. Have a great trip Tony, Sierra Cascades sounds amazing. Looking forward to your updates. Stay safe.